Why visit The Thailand International Boat Show?

21 November 2021
Why you should visit The Thailand International Boat Show

If you are one of those souls who loves to travel the world, live life to the fullest and enjoy a luxury lifestyle and luxury products, you’re in the right place at the right time, look no further than The 2023 Thailand International Boat Show on 12-15 January.

In early January 2023 , you can visit Phuket, Thailand and witness what is set to be one of South East Asia’s largest yacht & luxury product shows, The Thailand International Boat Show. If you love the luxurious way of living, yachts and luxury products, TIBS will certainly be a must-see event for you. From 12 to 15 January 2023, you can experience a wide range of boats for sale including sailing boats, motorboats, powerboats, superyachts, dinghies as well as a wide range of marine accessories, parts and boating equipment for sale. Here are more details about the TIBS boat show in Phuket at Royal Phuket Marina:

About The Thailand International Boat Show 2023

The Thailand International Boat Show, Phuket’s only boat show, is scheduled to be held between 12th to the 15th January 2023. This is going to be the largest exhibition ever held in Phuket. In the event, dozens of international luxury brands and global and regional Yacht makers will be present, with some amazing offers and deals available for those looking to buy a yacht in Phuket, Thailand. The event will include exhibitors from a diverse range of industries including marine, leisure, luxury property developers, fine jewelry, luxury and high-end sports cars and supercars, hospitality, food & beverage, and much more!

This event will take place at the Award-winning Royal Phuket Marina and is expected to have over 6000 visitors with more than 100 exhibitors, made possible due to the recent change in the travel regulations in Thailand. The event is targeted at people who have an interest in luxury living and like to keep luxury yachts and boats as an interest. The show organizers, JAND Events, are set to welcome wealthy investors and tourists to Phuket’s first boat show event in 3 years!

Here is what you can expect to see at the Thailand International Boat Show & luxury exhibition:

The Boats – Come and be a part of this amazing festival of boating

Come to Phuket Thailand this January and witness one of the greatest Boat Shows and luxury product Exhibitions in the world. Some of the world’s top luxury brands and yachting brokers and designers will be together under one roof, giving you the opportunity to see the amazing range of boats and yachts.

The Boat show this year will be featuring 50+ boats on display and there will be everything starting from production yachts, to sailing boats, to powerboats, to sport fishing boats, to dinghies, and more. There will also be local yacht operators, dealers, and boat sales companies attending, making it a great event to buy yachts and boats. Experience the superyachts on display and even enjoy the on-water demonstrations.

Since the main event is about Boat Displays and Buying Yachts here are some brief points that you should consider before buying a yacht or a boat:

  • Determine the purpose for which you will need the Yacht and based on that look for the type of Yacht or boat you will need and then select one.
  • Once you are sure of your needs, make sure you shop around and look around a bit, understand the features of Yacht you are looking for and then select the best one.
  • Buying a Yacht is a huge investment, so ensure you invest your money only with the manufacturers that are offering you the best features at the best rates.
  • Finally, ensure you test your Yacht before you actually finalize the purchase. Take the yacht for a test run and see if you are getting everything that is promised as features.

A large in-water line-up of boats, visitors can meet with yacht builders & brokers, high-end property developers, bespoke travel organizers & specialists from the sustainable mobility & investment industries & see the latest launches from the world’s most iconic boat brands.

In addition to that, The Thailand International Boat Show will also feature a “Marine Market” which will showcase everything boating, including but not limited to fishing rods, tackle to navigation equipment, chandlery equipment and much more, featuring the best boating equipment available today!

Despite the fact that our event in Phuket is called The Thailand International Boat Show (or TIBS for short), there will be far more than just boats and yachts attending the show. TIBS will also be a luxury lifestyle event featuring a range of luxury brands and products from around the world.

The Luxury Product Exhibitions & On-Land Displays

The Luxury Product Exhibitions & On-Land Displays

One of the best parts of this yacht show is the luxury hub and exhibition hall which will showcase a wide range of luxury products and brands, including:

Cars – Supercars, sports cars and luxury Cars – If you are into cars, you will love what you will see. We will bring you displays from some of the world’s most iconic car brands. From luxurious cars to supercars, you can enjoy a wide range of cars on display and available for sale.

Luxury Properties – We have been able to get some of the best real estate players on board with all their super exquisite and luxury properties in Phuket. Explore some of the best properties in the city and you will surely like to have one as your second home. Talk to some of the leading local luxury property specialists and estate agents and view the amazing property showcase of world-class properties for sale in Phuket.

Fine Jewellery and Timepieces – We also bring to you some of the finest jewelry made by some of the best designers in the world. Along with the jewelry, we will also be showcasing some of the masterpieces created by renowned jewelers and designers as well.

Art and Art Galleries – For lovers of arts, we will also be having an art gallery so that you can look around and experience the timeless creations of some of the best artists from across the globe along with some local inclusions.

Furniture and Home Decor – If you want to shop for home improvement our furniture and home decor section would not disappoint you. Now select your luxury furniture and home decor right here.

But wait, there’s more!

  • Socialising & Networking – The Thailand International Boat Show will bring together key marine and boating industry stakeholders from across Asia and beyond, featuring informative panel discussions, boating presentations and eco/sustainability discussions. Throughout the boat show, there will be an extensive and exciting program of social events, parties, and mixers in the day and well into the evening, which will make the show an unforgettable experience. From quayside lunches and parties to waterside music and entertainment, TIBS is Phuket’s 1st post-covid must-see event!
  • Wining & Dining – TIBS will feature gourmet cuisine at multiple venues along a bustling boardwalk, with bars, restaurants and snack locations, making it a great day out for all the family. TIBS will also feature a GALA Dinner VIP experience, offering a great opportunity for local and international business leaders to entertain guests at the world-class Royal Phuket Marina boating venue.
  • Enjoy the Phuket sights – Phuket is a world-class tourism destination and offers everything from luxury shopping to luxury hotels and much more. From cultural sights to amazing food, to international standard resorts, Phuket has it all.

Register your free place now for the 2023 Thailand International Boat Show, it will be an event to remember!

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