7 October 2021
The boardwalk at The Thailand International Boat Show

The Thailand International Boat Show (TIBS) 2023 is set to raise the bar for boating and lifestyle exhibitions in the region. Initial feedback from the industry has been very good, with organizers expecting a large in-water line-up of boats and an exciting collection of marine products and luxury lifestyle in the marina-side exhibition hall.

But spots are going fast, both on the water and in Royal Phuket Marina’s Exhibition Hall.

You don’t want to miss out on this event – the bounce-back event of 2023, which has come to symbolize the resurgence of the leisure marine industry in Southeast Asia.

Major players, old money, new money, people you need to know, people you should know. Just about everyone who is anyone in the yachting business will be there and there’s no better way to rub fenders with the rich, famous, and well-connected than at the Thailand International Boat Show.

The JAND Group, who is organizing the show, has a well-earned reputation for staging quality events, and its clients include some of the world’s leading brands including Givenchy, Hennessy, Kenzo, L’Oréal, Louis Vuitton, and Moët.

JAND Events, a trading division of the JAND Group, is a multinational team of Thailand-based professionals passionate about events. Led by CEO David Hayes who has over 30 years of experience in the events, hospitality, and travel industries, the team combines a diverse range of backgrounds and has organized a plethora of high-profile events, including the Blue List Expedition Kata Rocks Superyacht Rendezvous.

This boat show will feature more activities than any other boat show previously staged in Thailand and there will be activities for the whole family to enjoy. There will be lots to do and boredom will not be an option.

TIBS will act as a luxury hub with everything from gourmet cuisine to properties, watches to supercars, fashion, and art, attracting some of the biggest brands from all over the globe on display.

With the large in-water line-up of boats, visitors will have the opportunity to meet with yacht builders and brokers, high-end property developers, bespoke travel organizers as well as specialists from the sustainable mobility and investment industries. Visitors will also be able to see the latest launches from the world’s most iconic boat brands.

There will also be an extensive and exciting program of social events for visitors to enjoy during the day and into the evening. Launches and parties and waterside entertainment will be showcased on the bustling boardwalk of bars and restaurants. There will also be a marina market for everything related to boating including, fishing rods, tackle, chandlery, etc.

As a guide, a recent similar yacht show held at Royal Phuket Marina in 2020 attracted the following exhibitors: 100+ exhibitors & brands, including jewelry, marine and chandlery services, and fashion. There were 64 yachts, boats, and watercraft on display in that Show spread out over the 7,651sqm total land & on-water exhibition space allocated by RPM.

Thailand’s status as the marine leisure hub of Asia remains undiminished despite the challenges of the pandemic. Famed for its islands, stunning offshore seascape, and tropical beaches, Thailand is the favored destination for boat owners in the region and a popular choice for marine leisure tourists from all around the world. An industry valued in the billions pre-pandemic, the Thailand International Boat Show 2023 will kick-start its revival and be a valuable economic driver for Phuket and Thailand going forward.

So what are you waiting for? Book your berth or booth at the 2023 Thailand International Boat Show now. It is the only event of its kind to be confirmed for next year and there’s simply no better way to increase brand awareness than be being on display with the biggest brands in the business.

Thailand International Boat Show Overall Plan
OVERALL Layout Plan for the 2023 Thailand International Boat Show

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